There can be one or many reasons why men pull away from you and your relationship. 

Unless you have done something hurtful to your man, the reasons are his own and may have more to do with beliefs he has about a committed relationship rather than you

He may not even be able to identify exactly what the problem is but just feels that something
doesn't feel right and that makes him want to slow down and maybe even take a break from the relationship. 

The last thing you want to do in the event that your man seems distant or takes more obvious steps back from the relationship is to push or pressure him. By constantly prodding him to give you a reason as to what the problem is, the more he will tend to withdraw or just want to take a break from the relationship altogether.  

If you try to just push through it and tell him to get over it and get things back to the way they were, you're really tempting fate.  This is not the time to make matters worse by insisting to talk all the time, asking a million questions, bringing up a commitment, becoming needy,   etc. 

There may be many reasons for the distance you begin to feel between the two of you and there can be various reasons for this.  

The reasons why men pull away can usually be found under some of the points listed below:

=  Loss of control and freedom
=  Unable to trust and let down their guard
=  Taken advantage of or hurt badly in the past
=  Less sex
=  Afraid of making a lifetime commitment
=  Afraid of losing possessions, money
=  Loss of freedom and having fun
=  Not being able to go out with his buddies

There are surely more reasons than these and some are more personal and specific to the person.  

Sometimes your man may not be able to exactly pinpoint what the problem is, but by putting the pressure on him to commit, get closer or spend more time together will only make him pull away farther and faster.

The best thing to do is give him time and space. 

He needs the time to think about what the problems are, and why he is slamming the brakes on your relationship. If he is attracted to you and even feels like he loves you, even he may not understand what it is that is telling him to be careful, use caution and slow down.  

He could be pulling away to avoid being hurt in some way. Unfortunately, we all tend to bring along baggage from past relationships to the new one, whether you realize it or not.  

Maybe something your new love says or does reminds you of a past partner and all of a sudden, some walls go up to avoid experiencing pain.  It's your natural defense system that kicks in to warn and get you away from a painful experience.

Try not to dwell on it too much because it is really his issue and not all about you.  Let him
know that although you're not sure what's going on, you are there for him and to talk if and when he's ready. 

Then drop it.  Do not cling to him, make him feel bad or guilty for feeling what he's feeling or get angry and start making threats or say things out of frustration or anger that you will surely
regret later on. 

Give him the time he needs and time will tell if the relationship can be restored, or even move to the next level.

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