If you feel emotional distance coming between you and your guy, learn how to win your boyfriend back before you actually split up.  

If the two of you are still physically together, but there is an unmistakable feeling that you are growing apart, why wait until the relationship actually ends to take action?  You can start working on mending the problems that are causing distance between the two of you before you actually go your separate ways.

Maybe you can't exactly pinpoint what the difference is, but you can sense that things between you and your man aren't quite right.  You may feel like he's pulling away from you or is acting differently toward you. Maybe you do or say something that used to make him laugh, but lately, he's not laughing.  Perhaps he used to want to spend all kinds of his time with you, but now he either wants to just relax and watch TV or go out with his friends instead.  It could be a lot of little things that you didn't pay much attention to at first, but now you have an undeniable feeling that things are going in the wrong direction. You just don’t
feel as close to him as you used to.

At times like these, most women tend to feel like this is due to something they did or didn't do.  Wondering what you did wrong is typically the first response.  

The more you tend to feel him slipping away, the harder you may try to hold on and force things to go back to the way they were before.  By doing this, you can have even more problems than you started with.  

You have the problem of feeling like your man is becoming more distant or is losing interest in you, and then the more you try to make him come back from wherever it is he has gone to, you feel him pulling away even more.

What you really want to know is how to win your boyfriend back before he physically leaves you.  The time to start figuring out and fixing the issues is now.  You want to try to get back to that place you were before when you could talk easily about anything, enjoy spending time with each other and really felt like you had a deep and intimate connection.  

The first thing you need to do is to tune in to your man.  Start to pay closer attention to what
he says and his reactions to things you do and say.  Sometimes, you may be doing things without even realizing that he is having a problem with it.  

If you two are constantly arguing, how do you handle the arguments?  Is the tone of your
arguments, or even conversations at this point, filled with anger, accusations and personal attacks?  Have you stopped doing nice or thoughtful things for one another?  Is your man feeling like things in the relationship are all about you and is feeling like he has to make all the sacrifices?  Does everything have to be your way or the highway?  

Be brutally honest with yourself about the current health of your relationship.  It could be
that he's just going through a phase of being unsure if he's ready for a commitment, or even unsure of his feelings for you.  It could be fear of how his life will change or if he feels ready to take care of a wife and eventually, kids.

You need to be able to give him the space he may need during this time to sort out his feelings.  If you don't pressure him or back him into a corner with ultimatums or insults, your chances of winning back the intimacy, trust and closeness of your man are a lot more favorable.  

Being able to let go of controlling the relationship and his feelings will give you the freedom to sort out your own feelings and decide what is important to you.  

By giving him space, you will also be showing him that you have your own interests and life to live, whether or not he chooses to share it with you.  That is a very powerful message for him to understand.

By pulling back a bit instead of pushing him for answers or changes in his behavior will give both of you the space and time you need to get through the issues.  

When your guy sees that you are not on a mission to change him, pressure him into a commitment or become a soul mate, he may just decide he wants all of these things.  There
is nothing that a man loves more than a woman who is independent, supportive and secure enough to get through these relationship rough spots without threats, demands or a meltdown. 

Believe it or not, giving him the chance to work through things on his own will help make him realize how much he wants – and needs - a woman like you in his life.  How much faster and easier do you think it would be to get his attention and take him off guard than by simply leaving him to get through things on his own?

Showing him your strength and independent side is an important factor as to how to win your boyfriend back, even if he has just left emotionally.  You can catch it in the emotional stage before it turns into a physical break up. 

One of the key things you can do to regain intimacy is to let him go just enough so he can come back to you.

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