Some things just go together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, men and commitment. 

Wait a second.  What was that last item?  

Why was men and commitment included in a list of things that almost naturally go together?

If you find yourself struggling with getting your man to commit, instead of having it go together like bread and butter, you should know that it doesn't have to be such a struggle.

Do you feel like you have been wasting too much time in a relationship that doesn't seem to be moving forward or going anywhere?  

Instead of struggling through this, or having plenty of arguments or not really knowing what the problem is, why not look into the possibility that he’s sending you signals that you are not picking up on.  

It could be that he just cannot feel an intimate connection to you.  It is quite possible that
there is something that is making him hesitate when thinking about making a commitment in your relationship.

Unless you’re willing to do a little research and try to learn what the issues are, your relationship could go on like this indefinitely.  Are you in a position to wait indefinitely until you get a commitment from your man? 

Unless you are completely satisfied with a relationship like that, maybe there are ways you could communicate with him better and help him to understand, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are the one.

You should know that if your man is having trouble with a commitment, it probably has more to do with something inside his head, his heart and his gut (or maybe all three) that is causing him to be very unsure and therefore, hesitate in making a serious commitment to the

Granted, if you tend to nag, criticize or treat him badly, these are obvious reasons for really cold feet.  But if you are in a decent relationship that just doesn't seem to be moving forward, you begin to wonder what the problem is, and what, if anything you can do to set the wheels in forward motion.

The secret to getting your man serious enough to commit to you is reaching him in his head, heart and right down deep in the gut. If you can accomplish this, you will get him to commit without any struggle whatsoever.

The problem with your relationship may be nothing more than him questioning if he feels totally secure with you for the rest of his life.  

How can you reassure him that you are the one? 

The biggest way for you to do this is to really recognize and pick up on the clues he may not be able to tell you. Perhaps he doesn't even know what the issue is since he really does love you.  

He just needs to know it deep down inside before he can take more serious strides to give a commitment.  You can help him know it.

Stop wasting your time trying to figure out what the problems are and guessing at what he’s really thinking.  Instead, start doing your research as to what clues and signals he’s giving you that you are not picking up on.  Learn to communicate more clearly and effectively. 

By all means, take serious steps to end that men and commitment struggle.


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