What is the connection between gut feelings and commitment? For your man, it is everything. When your man is ready to make a commitment to you, he has to get some strong gut feelings that the timing is right.

You can be a perfect couple. You can be crazy about each other and have an intimate connection. However, if your guy doesn't feel it - in his head and especially in his gut - then he won't make a real commitment to you until that happens. When the timing is right for him, he will begin to feel the need, and even suggest the idea, for a commitment.

How do you know where he is in the timing of it all?

If you've been together for some time, and don't see any movement toward a commitment, then look for some clues he is putting out there for guidance. These clues can tell you where he is in relationship to his goals.

For example, if he wants to climb a mountain and is really focused on climbing a mountain, he may feel like he hasn't lived until he climbs a mountain. If your goal is to climb a mountain with him, great. But if it isn't, then he may feel like he needs to accomplish this goal before he can even think about settling down into the next stage of his life, or make a commitment to someone.

This can apply to any goals he has set for himself. They may be career or financial goals. He may be waiting to land the job of his dreams. He may need to have a cherry red convertible or a motorcycle. Whatever it is that he feels he really needs to do for himself, that is what he will be focusing on more so than a commitment. Until he’s ready, he will put himself first.

Sometimes men feel like they may be missing out on something, especially if they are in a relationship. If he is not sure that he's in love with you, and wondering if you are really the one, then there are still unresolved issues in his head and his gut that need to be worked out before he can make that deep commitment to you.

As discussed in this post, when that light turns to ‘go’ and he knows he's ready for a commitment, then that will be his focus, and his goal will be to settle down and take a wife.

How do you know when that commitment light is about to change to green?

Be sure to talk to your guy about basic interests and goals that are important to each of you. You need to have some common ground ideas and goals for a long-term relationship to work well.

You don't have to agree on everything, but there should be underlying beliefs and issues that you both share. If that's the case, and you do share common goals, then listen to what your guy is saying in terms of his finances, career, education and how he feels he's doing in accomplishing the things he has set out to do.

If he's making good progress and crossing things of his bucket list, then the chances of him coming to the realization that he's not missing anything and all you do is make his life better, the odds of him nearing a commitment are very good.

If you sense frustration, disappointment or just lack of being where he thought he would be, either verbally or emotionally, then you can better gauge where he stands on the commitment issue, and he probably won’t be very close.

The connection between gut feelings and commitment for your guy is very basic, but a crucial deciding factor in his timing and willingness to commit.

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