So, your man finally proposed after what seemed like an eternity, but now, things don't feel right.  Girl gives back ring?

When you have your heart set on spending the rest of your life with your man, you have finally gotten a commitment, and now, something isn't quite right.  You need to figure
out what the issues are now before walking down that aisle.

Maybe your guy felt like he HAD to break down and make a commitment to you because you had been talking about leaving or making things uncomfortable for him while your relationship didn't seem to be going anywhere.  

It could be that he's been feeling pressure from you, your family, friends and lots of other comments and questions about when he's going to "make it legal."  He might figure that he'll just get it over with to stop all the questions and pressure.  After all, he can always back out before the wedding, right?

This kind of a “commitment” is not real, and it’s really not worth waiting for or believing in.

When he's just going along to get along, then his head and heart are not into the true commitment you need in a long-term relationship or a marriage.  

Pressuring someone into making a commitment just doesn't produce the longlasting results and along the way.  There tend to be more problems, serious issues and ultimate break-ups than there needs to be.  Taking the time to cultivate a strong, serious and heartfelt commitment from the beginning is a worthwhile investment in your relationship that will pay
dividends long  into the future.

What you want is for your man to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are the woman he needs and wants to spend the rest of his life with.  No one needs to make him
feel guilt or pressure to make that next move toward a commitment.  In fact, it will be his idea.  

When you enter a commitment on those terms, then you know that this man will be deeply committed to you on every level. If you can't get that kind of commitment, are you really sure you want to proceed?  

If you have a deep and intimate trust and connection with each other and it feels right to be together, you both need to feel that way.  If you don't, you will probably not get anything near that “made-for-each-other” commitment that you are longing for.

Once you become engaged and feel immediate resistance or distance developing between the two of you, the reason might just be that he’s really not as into it as you are.

Even though he did what he thought everyone wanted him to do, and might even go through with the wedding, his heart needs to be into it long before the ring goes on your finger.  

You don't want to get a half-hearted commitment just for the satisfaction of finally getting one.  

It is so much more worthwhile to know and feel on a very deep level that your sweetheart is really in love with you and can't wait to commit to you for a lifetime.  Now that is what you are waiting for.  

By getting in sync with him so you permeate every cell in his body and soul, that is when the commitment you get will be heartfelt and real. 

You can learn how to change your relationship status from girl gives back ring to girl gets ring with a real commitment involved. Isn’t that more like it?

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