If you want a better, stronger relationship, consider the importance of letting go of those relationship issues.

Being able to let go of the burning desire for a commitment, the need to be in control of everything in the relationship and the  constant push for intimacy can all be very harmful to a relationship.  The inability to let go can set you up for disappointment and give you the exact opposite results of what you want in a relationship.

Did you ever notice that when you try too hard, chase or keep pushing for something you want, it seems further away and harder to get?  That's because you're trying to control or force something to happen and usually, this tactic seldom works.

Even if it appears to work out for you, you might get what you want but there's just something that always seems to be missing.  For example, you might push and push your partner to make a commitment, but when it happens, it's not the intimate, close, loving commitment that you were hoping for.  It might almost seem like there's a constant wall between you and that your partner just goes along with what you want to avoid conflict or problems.  Your partner just never seems to be as into the relationship as you want him to be.

That's what happens when you try to force something.  Having the ability to let go, stay positive and let nature take its course, you're going to get better results much faster and easier.

Some of the issues you need to be able to let go of include control and getting your way all the time. If you become angry, cry or try to manipulate your guy into a committed relationship, your relationship will be unpleasant and you'll be unhappy...a lot.

You shouldn't have to try to "make" your partner love you, want to be with you or have an intimate, committed relationship.  This will come naturally if you can just let it go.

You can also have relationship issues that are preventing you from even finding a relationship in the first place.  And again, by letting go, being true to and happy with yourself first, then you can finally attract a great relationship.

When you constantly chase or hunt something down, bound and determined to get what you want, you have probably had a negative experience in getting that great relationship - or anything else - that you really want.

Nobody likes to be made to feel that they're forced into something or being trapped.  By
clinging or forcing, your partner is more likely to run as fast as possible in the other direction.  

By letting go of the outcome, you can keep strongly in mind what it is that you want in a relationship, and just let it come to you naturally versus running after and forcing it.

By letting go of your relationship issues, you can relax, feel good, have some fun and live in the moment.  When you are relaxed, happy and enjoying yourself, you send out a very powerful, positive message.

What you don't want to send out is a message of desperation, neediness or a clinging, controlling type of mindset.  There's nothing your partner will pick up on faster than those negative vibes.

By simply accepting and being happy with yourself, you turn the tables and send out a completely different vibe.  Picture yourself as already having that happy, intimate, loving relationship and at the end of the day, you'll have it.  If you act "as if" you have it already, your thoughts and actions will set you up to be in line with exactly what you want.

When you take action, you'll be taking positive, more productive action that will give you the results you want without forcing anything.  You'll be able to pick up on vibes and cues from your partner that will help you to know what to do next to move the relationship forward.

You might be thinking that if you don't take charge and very specifically let your partner know what you want and when you want it, the relationship will fall apart.  Remember that you cannot force anyone to love you or be with you.

Take the easier path so you can enjoy your time together more without always trying to make your partner feel like you can't be happy without a commitment.  A commitment will
come a lot faster by letting go of those relationship issues that include insecurity, jealously, neediness and unsatisfaction with the ways things are.

If you don't like the way things are, then learn how to change them.

You can learn how to get a commitment from your man by just tuning in, being there and being confident enough to let things go.

So how do you turn the tables from desperation and unhappiness to contentment and happiness?  By letting go of those relationship issues or focusing constantly on what you don't have, you can ultimately have exactly what you want, and enjoy the process of getting there.